Next Chapter Kansas City is a community collaboration developing meaninful opportunities for persons age 50+ as they explore options for work, service and learning in life's next chapter. Next Chapter offers life planning programs, forums and book discussions, information and classes about encore careers, as well as information about the 21st Century workforce.

National surveys suggest that the “baby-boomer” generation is approaching traditional retirement years differently than previous generations.  Born between 1946-1964, baby boomers number 78 million nationwide, and in 2006 the oldest boomers began turning 60.  As they transition to the next phase of their lives, many are showing they want to make a difference in their communities as evidenced by the choices they make in work and service.

In Wyandotte County, there are over 42,000 baby boomers.  In addition, there are many persons who work, volunteer, and participate in activities in Wyandotte County. With funding from the Jewish Heritage Foundation of Greater Kansas City and the George H. Nettleton Foundation, a coalition of nine local organizations including the Shepherd’s Center of Kansas City, Kansas, created Next Chapter Kansas City.  This initiative is designed to provide resources to persons ages 45 - 70 who are exploring the“next chapter” in their lives. In addition, it will work with various employing entities in the community to provide opportunities for meaningful public engagement on a volunteer or paid basis.
The planning phase for the Initiative consisted of 1) community analysis, 2) a review of Next Chapter programs nationally as well as of other civic engagement models, and 3) the development of program components. For more information, please contact Karen Hostetler, Next Chapter Director at (913) 281-8908.

Next Chapter Kansas City Collaborative Partners

Shepherd's Center of Kansas City, Kansas - Lead Agency
Civic Leadership Training Council (Leadership 2000)
El Centro, Inc.
Kansas City Kansas Area Chamber of Commerce
Kansas City Kansas Community College
Kansas City, Kansas Public Library
Landon Center on Aging
Liveable Neighborhoods, Inc.
Workforce Partnership, Inc.
Wyandotte/Leavenworth Area Agency on Aging

Foundation Donors

George H. Nettleton Foundation
Jewish Heritage Foundation of Greater Kansas City

Supportive Organization

United Way of Wyandotte County

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